The complex made simple   

What is Simplexity?

Today’s world is increasingly complex. We are bombarded by voice mail, email and instant messaging. We are in a constant flow of communication dealing with everything from ordering lunch for tomorrow’s meeting to that all important response from a potential new customer. We are so caught up in managing our communications, that it’s a wonder we find time to actually do our own work.
The problem is that all of our ideas on how to manage came from the industrial revolution, and we have moved into the knowledge economy. Our corporate structures, our tools and our methods are vastly inadequate for dealing with the complexity of today’s business world. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. We can make changes to our structures and our technology that will give us a simple interface to all this endless complexity.
That’s simplexity.

About the Company

Our mission is to radically improve the world's systems and organizations through the understanding and application of complexity science. We work with you to give you a new lens so you can visualize the network ecosystem you and your company live in. Then we help you transform that vision into results.
Our knowledge and capabilities can be immediately applied in:
Organizational Development and Transformation
Market Analytics
Enterprise Architecture
Strategic Planning
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